If you want to make your publisher files more secure and much easier to use across various platforms, then the best thing that you can do is to translate Publisher to PDF files. Since Microsoft Publisher is perhaps one of the simplest applications to use, it can also be derived that the files that you get from it are not as secured as those that you will get from more complicated programs. In default setting, you would get a PUB file when you run the Publisher program but it is highly advisable that you use the appropriate tools that will allow you to make these files more secure. Here are two ways through which you can perform this task, both of which will allow you to turn PUB files into more secured PDF files.

One of the simplest things that you can do to translate Publisher to PDF files is to use a website called Zamzar. You will be able to access this site using virtually any web browser that you prefer. All you would have to do is to visit the site by typing the appropriate URL in the address box of your browser. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you should be able to navigate to necessary page without encountering any problem.

Zamzar is a translation browser that would require you to upload a copy of the PUB file to the site's browser for the translation will be carried out. Worry not for all the files that you will upload are bound to remain safe and are meant only to be accessed by your account. After choosing "PDF" from the appropriate dropdown menu, you would then have to enter your e-mail address for it is where the translated file will be sent. After a few minutes, you may then open you e-mail and retrieve the translated document from there.

Another website that you may use for this task is called PDF Online. Like Zamzar, this website will allow you to translate PUB files to PDF for free. This site may also be accessed via any type of web browser and operating system, so you would not need to invest on highly specialized tools to be able to use this service. You would be able to perform the appropriate translation job without spending any amount that you do not necessarily need to.

If you were to use PDF Online to translate Publisher to PDF, you would also have to upload a copy of the original PUB file to the website's main server. After double clicking the icon for the file, you would have to specify the file name that would be used for your PDF file in the output field. This website will also require you to give your e-mail information because, like Zamzar, it will send the translated PDF file there. After you click the Convert button, all you would have to do is to wait for a few minutes before checking your mail for the translated document.