In every business knowing more then one language is a must. Doing business with Indian clients implies the need for English to Hindi translator. Because of the many spoken languages and dialects in India, because of the culture and, most of all, because of the business protocol, one has to a translator to run a successful business. This article proposes to present a few tips about business meetings with Indian clients.

Any respected businessman knows that when it comes to doing business with foreigners you must be well documented about their culture and language. India is a very interesting country, first of all because of the large number of languages spoken there. Hindi is the official language of India. When doing business with Indian people you must have some ideas about their business etiquette if you want your relationship to be a very successful one. This is why many companies have felt the need to hire translators.

Indians rather do business with people they know and trust. They are very communicative people and tend to stay close to the person they talk to. In business, they tend to do small talk, finding more about the person they meet and talk less about business, so it is necessary to have the English to Hindi translator next to you. Being a hierarchical society, they appreciate more the elder and well-qualified people.

When attending to a meeting you must present your business card translated to Hindi and treat their business cards with a great respect. Any well-qualified translators will surely advice not to lose your temper in a meeting because Indians are non-confronting and losing your temper may lead to a loss of face. The need for the English to Hindi translator is higher when talking business because the Hindi speaking clients tend to be quite ambiguous letting you read between the lines. This happens because they do not use the word no. They do not want to disappoint you even if they do not quite agree with you.

Learning more about Indian people will surely convince you that it is necessary to have the translator present at any business meeting. This is to show them the required respect and to avoid any misunderstandings. The translator can also teach you a few phrases. The meeting will turn to a real success by showing a great respect towards their traditions and language and by speaking to them in their own language.

A real successful businessman knows that well built relationships are based on trust and respect and it is very important to know how to show them. The English to Hindi translator can teach you how to behave and talk around the people that have a different cultural background than you and how to interpret their own actions and decisions. For a good communication and wonderful results one certainly has to hire a translator.